Audiometry Test in Malaysia

Clinic Hearing Test for Screening and Treatment

Klinik Noridah provide in-house Audiometric Testing, Screening and Treatment for all types of hearing impairment or hearing loss due to industrial noise exposure. Being one of the pioneer in occupational health industry, our esteem OHD is very experienced in diagnosing and treating patient with hearing problem associated with their work nature and workplace. We focus on early diagnosis, holistic management, and prevention of future similar issues in your workplace/industry. Not only the affected employee receives specialist treatment, we also help employer to prevent similar occurrence to their other workers through our highly customized hearing conservative program.

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Physical Examination

Our occupational health doctor (OHD) will begin all sessions with a through history taking and physical examination. Especially in the first clinic visit. This is to ensure that proper diagnosis is given to the patient and prompt treatment follows after that.

This test includes the following :-

  • Health Condition Background Question
  • Current General Health Condition
  • History taking (eg: hearing issues related questions)
  • Weight, Height, and Calculate Your BMI
  • Blood Pressure, Pulse, Temperature
  • Lungs, Heart & bowel sound examination
  • Complete Ear Examination (Otoscopy)


After the complete physical examination, our OHD will proceed with audiometry testing. The test can be done by our trained staff, supervised by our doctor. We do have our own audiometic testing room, so rest assured that all testings are under one roof.
The result will be reviewed and certified by our OHD.

Some patient may not be able to perform this test on the same day as the physical examination due to several reasons that can cause the audiometry reading to be false, such as :-

  1. Ear canal is full of ear wax – Need to be cleared with special medicinal solution first.
  2. Presence of foreign body in the ear canal – Need to be removed first.
  3. Abnormal anatomy of the ear canal (eg: tumor, cyst, pustule) – Need treatment / ENT referral first.

Follow Up Consultation

This is done after all required tests are complete and all results are official.
Our doctor will come up with a working diagnosis and explain the findings to the patient.
Treatment option, recommendation and long term management of the hearing loss (if any) will also be explained.
Our OHD is competent and experienced in giving out recommendation to employer, in order to prevent further damage and assist in patient’s recovery process.

Audiometry Test (Group)

** ask for quotation **
  • Includes OHD consultation
  • Same day official report
  • We accept cash & credit card
  • Online booking & payment available
  • Special price for group / bulk screening

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