Chaperones – Patient Privacy and diversity
Klinik Noridah strive to respect the privacy, dignity, the cultural and religious beliefs of each patient. Sometimes the presence of a third person during physical examination is helpful for both doctor and patient. If at any moment the patient feel a need for chaperone to be present, please notify us and we will do our best to comply. It is not deemed offensive to the Doctor, who could also request this sometimes.
Zero Tolerance
Klinik Noridah do not condone any act of intimidation, aggression, foul languages and violent behavior against any of its staff members. In such events that a patient demonstrates any of the mentioned behavior, Klinik Noridah will have no other option but to report to the Health Authority, which may result in removal of the patient from our list.
Medical Records
All records will be kept confidential at the Klinik Noridah. Sharing of information with other healthcare professionals only happens under certain circumstances, as you could find in our Privacy Policy. We hold this policy very strictly as our legal duty.
At Klinik Noridah, we take effort in providing the best services possible to each and every patient who seeks our medical attention.
It is however undeniable that things can go wrong which often results in patient dissatisfaction. If such event does occur we would wish for a quick and amicable manner of settling the problem.