OGUK Medical Check Up in Malaysia

Oil & Gas United Kingdom (OGUK)

Klinik Noridah offers Oil & Gas United Kingdom (OGUK) Medical Check Up at the Best Price. One of very few OHD that is accredited by OGUK in Selangor, Malaysia. We have all occupational health services in-house. From offshore medical check up, onshore medical check up, all kind of blood tests, urine drug test, and lots more. We provide easy, comfortable & fast medical check up session for all of our clients. Especially for those living in Selangor, you don’t have to face with city centre traffic congestion and long waiting hours just for an OGUK examination. Make an appointment with us and enjoy speedy and hassle-free petronas medical check up at Klinik Noridah.

We are located at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Selangor. Check out our open hours & Book your appointment today!

Physical Examination

Our OGUK approved OHD will perform a complete physical examination. Not to worry as our OHD is very experienced, so depending on your job scope in your company, average examination will only takes several minutes. We understand your time is very precious, hence this medical check up is only made available by appointment bookings. You will be entertained fast and not to mention our brand new waiting area is very relaxing and comfortable.

This test includes the following :-

  • Health Condition Background Question
  • Current General Health Condition
  • Weight, Height, and Calculate Your BMI
  • Blood Pressure, Pulse, Temperature
  • Lungs, Heart & bowel sound examination
X-ray Examination

  • Chest X-Ray is required for OGUK Medical Check Up.
  • We also provide other x ray should you need them.
  • We have in-house x ray machine available.
  • Our trained staff will make sure this session goes smoothly.

IMPORTANT : Inform our staff / doctor if you are PREGNANT. Special precaution measures can be taken to safely perform this test even with pregnant student, with the doctor’s advice.

If you have done Chest X ray recently, please bring along the film so that our doctor can have a look at it.

Blood Test

According to the standard requirement by Petronas, the below blood tests must be done.  :-

  • Full blood count
  • Blood group and rhesus
  • Kidney function test
  • Liver function test
  • Fasting blood sugar
  • Fasting serum lipid
  • Serum uric acid

IMPORTANT : For the above tests, you will need to FAST (puasa) for at least 8 hours prior to blood taking. If not, the results will be deranged.

Urine Test

Routine urine biochemistry is also required by OGUK for all medical check up.

Urine Drug Test

Screening for drug abuse via urine drug test is compulsory. We will check for all types of illegal drugs as per requirement of your employer / company.


You will also need to undergo an audiometry examination as part of this Petronas medical check up. We have an in-house audiometry machine. This is to screen and detect if there is any reduced in your hearing function.

If you have an existing hearing problem, please let our doctor know about it. It could also be your ears which are full with ear wax.


This examination is to test the function of your lungs. If you are having cough or feeling unwell, it is best for you to get treatment first before performing this check up. This test is compulsory for this medical check up.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Petronas makes it compulsory for worker above the age of 40 years old to be screened for any heart problem by performing a simple ECG test. Inform our doctor if you have an existing heart disease. You will need to remain still for 1 minute for this test. Any movement (eg: cough, sneezing) will disturb the ECG report. If you are not feeling well, please let our doctor know about it as well.

OGUK Medical Check Up

Offshore medical check up
RM680/person (WALK IN payment)
  • We accept cash and credit card.
  • Book & Pay Offline (at clinic) for normal walk-in price.
  • Your medical report will need 3 days to be completed.
  • Add Extra RM50 if you want next day medical report.

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