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Klinik Noridah offers Student Medical Check Up at the Best Price, all tests under one roof, including X rays. This medical check up is suitable for every student, from secondary school to collage / university. We do all kind of tests for student based on their school / college / university requirements such as Complete Physical Examination, Visual Equity, Blood Test, Urine Test (usual or drug screening), Chest X-ray, Mental Health Screening, Audiometry, Spirometry, Fitness Test and many more.
Be sure to bring your medical check up forms, usually given to you by your school / college or university, together with the entrance offer letter.
We accept both Malaysian & Foreign Student who needs to perform a student medical check up. We also offer vaccination for student (eg: Hepatitis, Influenza, Thyphoid) should you need them.

IMPORTANT : Prices are based on the Malaysian Standard Student Medical Check Up. If your college or university requires more tests (eg: reflected on your medical check up forms), price may increase depending on the requested tests.

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Physical Examination
Our doctor will perform a thorough physical examination. We will start with usual history taking where our doctor will ask you simple basic questions regarding your past health condition, assess your general condition, check the vital signs, and look out for any sign or symptoms of disease.

This test includes the following :-

  • Health Condition Background Question
  • Current General Health Condition
  • Weight, Height, and Calculate Your BMI
  • Blood Pressure, Pulse, Temperature
  • Lungs, Heart & bowel sound examination
X-ray Examination

  • Usually student is required to do Chest X-Ray.
  • We also provide other x ray should you need them.
  • We have in-house x ray machine available.
  • X ray film will be provided to student after medical check up is complete.

IMPORTANT : Inform our staff / doctor if you are PREGNANT. Special precaution measures can be taken to safely perform this test even with pregnant student, with the doctor’s advice.

If you have done X ray recently, please bring along the film so that our doctor can have a look at it.

Visual Acuity Test

This test is to evaluate the sharpness of your vision (eye function). Your eyes will be tested with and without glassess.

If you are already wearing eye glassess, please remember to bring them along for the medical check up. It is not advised to wear contact lenses as it is a bit troublesome to remove them for this test.

Colour Blind Test

This test is to detect if you are having colour blindness. Not all student medical check up requires this test, depending on your health check up form. Colour blind is a genetic disorder, so there is nothing much can be done if you already have them. Our doctor will advise you on this matter if you need it.

Blood Test

Student medical check up blood test is a common examination we encounter on daily basis. If your school / college / university does not specify what tests need to be done, below are the usual blood tests for student :-


  • Full blood count
  • Blood group
  • Major organ function (eg: kidney, liver)
  • Diabetes screening (blood sugar level)
  • Cholesterol level

IMPORTANT : For the above tests, you will need to FAST (puasa) for at least 8 hours prior to blood taking. If not, the results will be deranged.

If your school / college / university does not require you to check for cholesterol and diabetes, there is no need to fast.

Urine Test

Urine test in a medical check up for student is usually to check whether if protein or sugar present in the urine. This is an indication (not diagnostic) for diabetes and kidney disease.

The other indicators tested, are the routine biochemistry of a person’s urine.

Urine Drug Test

This urine drug test is compulsory for some colleges and universities, either in Malaysia or Overseas. Klinik Noridah do provide this test as an optional add-on student medical check up. There will be extra charge RM30 for this urine drug test. This test is to check for any dangerous substances usage such as cannabis, heroin and ecstacy. Other medication drugs will not interfere with this test. However, please let our doctor know if you are taking any medicine.

Diploma Medical Check Up

Without Xray
  • For FRESH Diploma Student only.
  • We accept Cash Only.
  • This is without Xray examination.
  • The rest of examination is the same.
  • Pay at Clinic only once medical check up is completed.
  • Results on the same day.
  • Add RM30 for Urine Drug Test if your college / university / school requires them.

Degree Medical Check Up

Without Xray
  • For Degree or 2nd Diploma Student.
  • We accept Cash Only.
  • This is without Xray examination.
  • The rest of examination is the same.
  • Pay at Clinic only once medical check up is completed.
  • Results on the same day.
  • Add RM30 for Urine Drug Test if your college / university / school requires them.

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