Executive Health Screening Packages

Designed for VIP, Board of Directors, Executive & Companies. Detect major cause of Sudden Death in Malaysia including Heart Disease, Stroke and more.

Suitable for Executive

Get health screening for Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes & more.

Exclusive Price

From RM400 only. Nett Price. Alternative to invasive tests.

Very Early Detection

Detect all kind of health problems at the very early stage.

Packages and Pricing

Klinik Noridah provide extensive health screening packages for executive. Suitable for those under constant pressure and stress due to the working environment. Stress is the leading risk factor contributing to imbalance in the body. If not managed properly, will lead to chronic diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity & more. This executive health screening serve as an alternative to invasive screening procedure (eg: Angiogram). It can detect imbalance / inflammation at the very early stage where radioimaging (eg: Ct Scan) cannot.

Early inflammation if treated will reduce risk of chronic diseases.Screen yourself today. The earlier the better it is for you!

We are located at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam, Selangor.
Open daily from 9am – 10pm.

What to Prepare Before Check Up?

Hassle-free Health Screening. Follow these simple guide.



Yes. You need to fast for at least 8 hours before blood taking at clinic. You can have sips of plain water if you are feeling so thirsty.



Please take all medicines before leaving home EXCEPT Diabetes medicine. Take it with sips of plain water only. Then, continue fasting.


Yes. It is better to have medical check up in the morning. Blood pressure reading is more accurate in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is suitable for these Executive Health Screening Packages?

Everyone. Especially those who are 35 years and older, have family history of sudden death / heart disease, are obese, and deal with a lot of constant stress / pressure at work place.

What does the basic blood test package detect?

Highly sensitive C-reactive protein, Vitamin D and homocystein indicates inflammation inside our body. It is well documented that inflammation process have taken place many years before the actual blood vessels become occluded. So this detect chronic disease at a very early stage!

How long to get the results?

Report needs an average of 3 working days. We will inform you once we have the results via phone call.

Is the price for foreigners different?

No. We offer nett price to everyone. Both Malaysian citizen and foreigners.

Anything to bring for the check up?

Just bring your Mykad or Passport for registration purposes.

How do i pay?

We only accept cash payment at clinic. You will pay after the health screening session is over.

Is the blood results confidential?

Yes. All of your blood results are confidential. We never share information without prior written consent from the patient.

Need Further Questions?

Call us to get more clarification if you have any doubt.