We are committed to providing the best health service based on the guidelines and regulations set by the Ministry of Health (MOH), including how we collect, store, and disclose information and personal data of our patients. Klinik Noridah retrieve, store and use personal data of patients for the following purposes:

– For the treatment of patients with hospital or other clinics, whether government or private.

-For the purposes of administration and treatment related to the patient’s insurance company.

-To use the emergency department where patients are unable to give consent.

-For pengedalian, storage and updating of information systems in our clinic.

-To store patient records as required by law.

-For any other use required by law in Malaysia.

We will not disclose personal data of the patient to the individual or organization that has nothing to do with us directly to the clinic providing health services, unless: –

-The patient has given consent.

-For the purpose of providing better health services to patients as expected by each patient.

-We have informed the patient prior to use of personal data for a particular purpose.

-We were directed by law to do so.

We have the right to access personal data and health records of patients. In case of personal data which is incomplete, the patient has the right to ask the clinic to amend or correct the data.


Data Protection Act – Patient Information
We are required to hold personal information about you on our system and in documents to help us better care for your medical needs.
Please inform us of any changes to keep your records updated.
In order for Doctors and staffs in the practice to perform their job effectively, they must have access to your medical records. It is your Doctor’s responsibility for their safe-keeping and accuracy.
Sharing of information with others involved in your medical care may be required. could be required. A proper training in confidentiality issues is given to each personnel handling your information and they are bounded to both contractual and legal duty to keep personal information private.
Security and safeguarding of all information about you is in place to prevent accidental loss.
Under special circumstances such as cases of public health issues or a court order, it may be required for us to release your information to official or statutory bodies. A written consent may be required from you before release of any information in circumstances such as for medical report for insurance, solicitors etc.
Information will not be disclosed through telephone or fax unless it is established that we are directly talking to you.
No messages will be left with others and disclosure of information to spouses, family, and friends are only permitted with a prior consent from you.